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【China Trantic】☆Seckill "three world delicacies"

Known as the "three world delicacies": truffle, foie gras and caviar, none of them originated in China. As a foodie, he refuses to accept.
On culture, we have special historical materials of cooking in the book "tianguanjiazai" in Zhouli, and we have famous dishes such as "eight treasures" and "three soup";
During the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, there were historical materials specially recorded for cooking. In the song and Yuan Dynasties, there was even a special book on nutrition, just like eating.
How many kinds of decent food have not been accumulated and inherited with such a long food culture?
Today, I'd like to smooth our own food and set up a challenge arena for you!
1. "Tricholoma matsutake"
Roasted matsutake

Soil bottle evaporation

You have "truffle", we have "matsutake", we are all mushrooms, who is afraid of whom.
The scientific name of Tricholoma matsutake is also called Tricholoma matsutake. In the Song Dynasty, Tang Shenwei's "preparation of emergency materia medica for classics, history and evidence", it was named matsutake because it was born under the pine forest and its bud was like antler.
Now it is the second-class endangered species in China. Sichuan, Tibet, Yunnan and other Qinghai Tibet plateau areas are the main producing areas of Tricholoma matsutake, with Sichuan as the leader in production, Tibet as the best quality and Shangri La as the most famous.
Tricholoma matsutake is one of the rare and precious natural medicinal bacteria in the world. In addition to two kinds of precious active substances, Tricholoma matsutake polysaccharide and Tricholoma polypeptide, there is also a unique anticancer substance, Tricholoma matsutake alcohol, in the world.
The most popular and authentic way to process this kind of food is to "bake". Cooking soup or stir fried food is just an outrage.
2. "Yellow lipped fish"

Yellow lip swim bladder

Isn't foie gras very advanced abroad?
Whether it's the liver of a Lande or a big white goose, it's definitely chirping in front of my swim bladder!
This kind of fish is unique to China, distributed in the East China Sea and the north of the South China Sea. It is also a national second-class protected animal, which is rare.
Because the flesh and swim bladder of yellow lipped fish are high protein, low fat and nutritious supplements,
It is also very skilful to take the swim bladder of yellow lipped fish. It is necessary to peel it off slowly. Do not break the two "whiskers" on both sides of the swim bladder,
So once ashore, you don't need to talk to the ship owner if it's less than 1 million yuan!
Because this kind of fish is so rare, there is no chance for star chef to develop its dishes. The owners didn't disclose how they ate it!
But it is said that after three days of eating, someone began to peel off his face and become a big face. A week later, the old skin was peeling off and new skin appeared, such as youth and health.
Some people say that when you eat it, you should eat it in proper amount, about 10 grams each time. If you eat more, you will feel like being drunk and drowsy.
You diners are still going to find out where they sell. Let's have a try! I will never forget to discuss it. I remember to share it with you in the message area!
3. "Butter Crab"

If you eat butter crabs every day, you will definitely keep the caviar. Of course, you can also export it to earn foreign exchange.
In fact, Butter Crab is not a kind of crab. Its predecessor is the paste crab, which belongs to the female of green crab. It is a unique and precious seafood food in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.
The reason why it is precious is that the success rate of its transformation is too low. Most of the blue female crabs will evolve to the mud crabs after molting.
But there are only a few, because the cream accumulation is too much to complete the process of molting, they become butter crabs.
Naturally, the price is amazing. The price per 50g is up to tens of yuan.
The treatment of butter crabs is sloppy, and there must be no broken claws.
The right way is to use "cold water to cool to death" method to submerge the crab with fresh water at nearly 0 ℃. When the crab is numb to slightly stiff state, it can be "turned over" and placed in the plate for steaming.
Butter Crab oil paste is very rich, sweet, and delicious. When you open the crab cover, a unique crab fragrance comes to your face. At this time, it seems that time has stopped, because you have to eat it quickly. If you don't eat it, you can't eat the next one. No one can care to talk to you!!!
Said so many, actually the food is only for eating! Don't listen to what others say. The best is the one that suits you. There are 100 kinds of ingredients in a hundred people.
At any time, at any place, don't forget to "stick the fat"!!

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