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How to cut the squid head
Most of the time, the squid bought home needs to be cleaned and cut with a knife, but sometimes the squid head is too big and the squid needs to be cut small for eating. So, how to cut squid head? How to cut squid flower knife?

How to cut squid head:
1. Fresh squid cleaning, especially the small claws in the squid claws, must be washed out one by one, although troublesome, but the cleanest way.
2. Wash the fish, cross cut the left and right stripes, and then cut into slices.
3. Blanch it in hot water and take it out immediately, so that there won't be too much water.
How to cut squid
1. When buying squid, ask the seller to tear off the squid skin, pick off the suction cup, cut off the squid eyes and intestines, clean them up, and clean them at home.
2. The squid is all in two. The side without squid skin is upward. First, cut the squid with a 45 ° oblique knife at the upper left corner of one side. The depth is 3 / 4 of the squid, and the distance between each knife is about 3 mm.
3. After cutting, turn around and cut from the upper right corner at 45 ° without cutting. The depth is 3 / 4 of the squid, and the distance of each knife is about 3 mm.
4. Cut the squid into such a rhombic grid.
5. Cut the squid into small pieces with a knife. Cut the squid into diamond and triangle, so that the squid is more beautiful.
6. If the squid has to be thick, cut it one more time.

7. Boil a pot of boiling water. After boiling, put salt into boiling water.
8. Cook the sliced squid in the pot for about 30 seconds. If the squid meat is thin, it can take about 20 seconds. This can be seen from the curling of squid slices, and the squid slices can be taken out after rolling.
9. Clean the squid rolls in cold water twice. The squid treated in this way tastes crispy.
The fried squid in the hotel is absolutely a "tall" seafood dish, and the important bonus is the chef's perfect flower knife technique.
How to clean squid:
First of all, the surface of squid should be cleaned, just bought back, because I didn't know what water had been put in before. It is suggested to put squid in water for about an hour, whether it is dead or alive. Let it have a process of changing water.
Then, the abdomen and tail of the squid (SQUID whiskers) are cut from the connecting part.
Then, cut the squid from the bottom of the abdomen with a knife, and take out the viscera of the squid. Be careful that the squid has guts. People who have cut the fish know that the gall is bitter and can not be broken. Once the fish is broken, the taste of the whole fish will be distorted.
After removing the squid viscera, clean the inside.

Squid eyes, depending on your personal preferences, take out to eat or do something else. The nutritional value of fish eyes is good. The thin membrane on both sides of squid abdomen can be used or not.
The squid must be separated one by one, you can use scissors to cut, or you can use the method of knife cutting, to see personal preferences, and then clean one by one.
The abdomen of squid is the same. After cleaning, take the whole squid abdomen and cut it into pieces, or one by one. Then you can start to make loose dishes. Whether you want to cook or stir fry depends on your personal preference.

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