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It's fun. It's not greasy to fry seafood like this
Most people's impressions of Japanese tempura are greasy and burdensome. But now there are Japanese restaurants. Tempura mainly focuses on fresh seafood, such as sea urchins with fried purple perilla leaves, abalone, scallops and so on. Different frying methods are used to interpret the ingredients. Moreover, the fresh fried powder makes people feel less greasy. It is also made into the shape of a bamboo raft. Let's have a look.
String the fragrant fish with bamboo sticks, just like swimming in the water. Then fry them in low temperature. Spread the fresh prawns with a layer of clear flour, then wrap them with flour coat, and then fry them in deep frying to keep the q-balls of shrimp fresh and sweet.

Tempura, from Japan, emphasizes that the main ingredients are seafood, including fresh sea urchins with fried purple perilla leaves, keeping the fresh and sweet taste of raw sea urchins, as well as abalone, scallops, and Ghanaian fish. To subvert the stereotype of tempura in Taiwan.
Even the frying method is also very particular, using bamboo sticks to string crystal fish into a boat "raft shaped frying", or string fragrant fish into S-shaped shape, or using seaweed to wrap food materials into side deep frying. The chef said that the most difficult thing is "posture type frying".

The dessert "middle reaches of goldfish plate" is eye-catching. It looks like goldfish in a fish tank, covered with black molasses. It tastes sweet and greasy. From seafood to vegetables, preserving the original flavor of ingredients is to present the fresh taste of Japanese tempura.
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