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【China Trantic】☆Fresh food in Yanji

Do you think Yanji development zone is just an industrial park? In fact, there are delicious seafood and barbecue here!

Anyone who really knows seafood knows it
Seafood, the most important thing is to eat it delicious
And the best way to ensure the original flavor
It's steamed seafood
The welfare of those who like to eat it is coming again
Because of them
Fresh seafood from North Korea
Good taste, big head

Super scallop

It's the first time to see scallops bigger than their faces
I didn't expect to taste so good!

North Korean shellfish

It's redder than the shellfish in China
It's crisp to bite


It's super big
It's still alive and kicking before it's cooked
After boiling, it is fragrant, sweet and fresh

Fresh seafood served by customers
On the one hand, it ensures the original flavor of seafood
On the other hand, it also reassures diners

The steamer is in the back
Please remember to keep a little stomach!

Don't add a drop of water
The seafood juice steamed from the top drips into the porridge at the bottom of the pot
It becomes a delicious seafood porridge
The essence is here!
Warm stomach, warm heart
A seafood feast you can't miss

A big shot
Eat all kinds of seafood
Perfect rescue of patients with selection difficulties!

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