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Besides cigars, what else is Cuba worth thinking about? ‍

If someone asks you, what is Cuba most famous for? You may say cigars and sugar cane. Today, Xiao Bian will introduce a famous seafood in Cuba, Cuban lobster.
Cuban lobster is produced in the Caribbean Sea near Cuba, adjacent to Boston lobster, but it belongs to different species. The Boston lobster belongs to the American lobster, and the Cuban lobster is more like the Australian lobster in shape than the Boston lobster. Therefore, the meat yield of Cuban lobster is higher than that of Boston lobster.

The scientific name of the Cuban lobster is the eye spot lobster, or the Caribbean lobster, or the Caribbean spiny lobster. It is similar to the Australian lobster, but it is cheaper than the Australian lobster. The wild lobster from the deep sea of Cuba is usually frozen and packaged after being caught. The meat of the wild lobster from Cuba is white, fat, compact, sweet and refreshing. It is popular because it grows in the deep sea and has no pollution Love and esteem of.
However, due to the inconvenient memory of the specifications and models in the domestic market, the number of lobsters in each box is directly used to distinguish the specifications, which are generally divided into 5 heads, 6 heads, 7 heads, 8 heads, 9 heads, 10 heads, 11 heads, 12 heads, 13 heads, 14 heads, 15 heads, 16 heads and 17 heads.

Cuban lobster and Boston lobster are popular products in the domestic market in recent years. They are generally used in medium and high-end hotels and fresh e-commerce industry. Like Bolong, Cuban lobster is also divided into raw frozen and cooked frozen lobsters. The difference is that the sales volume of cooked frozen Bolong is larger than that of raw frozen Bolong, while the sales volume of Guba raw frozen lobster is much higher than that of cooked frozen lobster.
The body of Cuban lobster contains high protein and low fat, and the fat is mainly composed of unsaturated fatty acids, which is suitable for human absorption. The content of zinc, iodine and other trace elements in the meat of Cuban lobster is higher than that of other foods. At the same time, its muscle fiber is delicate and suitable for digestion and absorption.

There are many methods for Cuban lobster, including baked lobster with cream cheese, sashimi lobster, steamed lobster, salad lobster, lobster noodles, salt and Pepper Lobster and so on. Friends who like to study lobster can try them.

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