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Exclamation of the magic of nature: watching the underwater wonder "fish roll wind", like a storm, super shock!


Hundreds of thousands of fish form a romantic heart off moalboal, Philippines. Photographer Salvador Lao, 37, who has been underwater photography for seven years, said it was the most amazing scene he had ever seen.
When the 32 year old diver Josh Vergara sneak into the waters of Philippines's Mo Al Boa, she met with shock. Millions of sardine were sent out to form a huge silver mushroom cloud hanging on top of her companion's companion.


Recently, EunJong Kim, a photographer from Manila, Philippines, met sardine on the diving trip. The sardine sardines were constantly approaching, forming a giant fish eye like whirlpool, which seemed to swallow people up. Kim was so excited by the spectacular scene that he recorded the whole process with a fisheye lens.
Allen Walker, a South African photographer, captured a group of shocking images in the sardine migration. The sardine, which is beyond count, is protected by itself and forms a dense circle on the bottom of the sea. And the predators they face are not only sharks, but also pelicans that dive into the water like bombs. The poor sardine law of the jungle is surrounded by sharks and Pelican, which vividly illustrates the jungle of the marine biological chain.


This cunning shark seems to be playing hide and seek with the photographer, only to see it sneak into a ball fish school under the camera of the photographer. Facing the big meal, this short tailed shark chooses a quiet way to swim slowly into the fish school, as if playing hide and seek with the photographer. Photographer David Palfrey captured these images in Coral Bay, Western Australia.
The tiger shark with tusks and serrations is commonly known as a marine hunter. Its presence is always dangerous. However, this underwater photo shows several unusual tiger sharks.

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