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The old chef's seafood selection tips are full of experience!
The long fishing suspension has finally come to an end, and the long-awaited fishing season for diners has come. Every autumn and winter is the season of high seafood production. Seafood at this time is delicious and inexpensive.
But how to choose seafood, but a university asked, if as a chef we can only do, will not choose, even if not a qualified chef.
For this reason, we have consulted some teachers and published some of their experience in seafood selection here for your reference and study.
Shape characteristics of scallops:
It belongs to mollusca, scallop family and scallop genus. It yields the most from May to June. Its meat is tender, delicious and of high economic value.
Choose tips:
Fresh scallops are yellow, lustrous, odorless, smooth and elastic. When purchasing, they can pry a gap and see the fresh yellow seeds in it. Unfresh scallops are not lustrous or lustrous, sour, sticky and inelastic.

Fresh scallops are kept in water, and the shells will move in one piece. If scallops are not in water, they can pat the shells with their hands, and the shells will be closed immediately and live.
Shape characteristics of winter crabs:
Winter crab belongs to Portuguese crab. The umbilical tip of male crab is smooth, the chelate is long and the shell surface is blue. The umbilical cord of female crab is round and fluffy, and the shell surface is ochre or spotted. Winter crab meat is fat and delicious.
Choose tips:
Winter crabs are most plump from May to June each year, when the male crab meat is thick and the female crab yellow is full. When identifying male and female winter crabs, besides the narrow umbilical cap and round umbilical cap of female crabs, we can also open the forceps of male crabs and the second leg of crabs to see the slightly penetrating yellow on the back side of crabs, which proves that there are more male crab pastes.
Shape characteristics of prawns:
Commonly known as prawns, prawns, shrimp (female), yellow shrimp (male), mainly distributed in the Yellow and Bohai Sea region, 15-20 cm long, thin and transparent crust. The second pair of antennae have long whiskers. Meat is delicious and one of our country's specialties. The peak fishing season is April-May and September-October.
Choose tips:
1. Shape
The head and tail of fresh shrimp are intact, with a certain degree of curvature, and the body of shrimp is quite straight. The head and tail of stale prawns are easy to fall off or leave, and can not maintain their original curvature.
2. Color
Fresh shrimp skin shines bright, blue-white, that is, to maintain the original color. The shells of stale prawns are dark and their primary colours turn red or grey-purple.
3. Meat quality
Fresh shrimp meat is firm and tender. The flesh of stale prawns is soft. Moreover, the quality of prawns varies from male to female. The female shrimp is slightly brown and blue, while the male shrimp is slightly brown and yellow.
Thick shells and little meat.