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【China Trantic】☆On the self-cultivation of a oyster

You may have eaten all kinds of oyster dishes, but do you know how to taste them? Now, oyster learning, oyster opening and oyster tasting class have begun~



Self cultivation of an oyster customer

There are 23 kinds of oysters in the world from the perspective of gene classification, 20 of which are naturally distributed in China, with different varieties, different sea areas and different seasons. The flavor of oysters will change, and the rich and colorful changes constitute the infinite charm of oysters.
The taste of oysters is mainly related to the variety and the composition of cultured seawater. Oysters on the east coast are bred in the first-class pollution-free sea area of Hainan. They are characterized by freshness and sweetness with moderate salinity.
The texture of oysters is formed by the taste of scallop, skirt, gonad and stomach sac, while the texture is directly affected by the culture cycle. The Portuguese oysters with a culture cycle of 8-10 months are relatively tender, while the eastern oysters with a culture cycle of 24-30 months are relatively compact.
The formation of oyster aftertaste is directly related to the algae it feeds on, the metal ions in the bottom mud and the sea water. Taste a oyster without seasoning to realize its natural and unique flavor, combined with the origin information to realize the regional flavor is to help the experience upgrade. The key to the experience is oyster sauce.


The only rule of oyster Tasting: don't waste oyster sauce




Oyster sauce is a valuable part of oyster, and it is also the key to taste the real taste of oyster. Peel the fresh oysters and sip the clear oyster sauce. It's the taste of the sea. Chew oyster meat carefully, and then drink the rest of oyster sauce, a perfect experience.
You may ask, why is my oyster without juice? There are two reasons. 1、 You are unlucky. Oysters are not fresh. 2、 Your oyster is not opened in the right way.
Generally speaking, oyster opener is used for oyster opening. It is better to wrap cotton cloth or wear gloves. Insert the tip of the knife into the tip of the oyster, then quickly row it to the side and pry it off. There is a certain risk, sprinkled oyster sauce or even damaged oyster meat.
However, this oyster has been micro processed, so you can open oysters by hand without fear of failure.



What wine goes best with oysters




Mousca white wine and oyster are classic collocations; Sauvignon Blanc has no significant oak flavor and has a distinct mineral flavor, which is complementary to oyster. Chamabrey white wine has higher acidity and unique mineral flavor, and can match perfectly with oyster. Besides, almost all champagne and sparkling wine are suitable for raw oysters, while most of the red wine and spirits are strong. The chemical reaction with oysters doesn't make you happy.
However, if you are curious, you can try different magical collocations with different personalities~

Unlock three ways to eat oysters


1、 Oyster sashimi.



2、 Roasted oyster with garlic.




3、 Baked oyster with cheese.




4、 Oysters wrapped in flour.



In addition to oysters, we also prepared a seafood fried rice as the main food.


Do you feel like you're growing up in a short time when you attend a small class? If your answer is yes, please join us quickly. All kinds of seafood dishes are ready for Chinese games here~

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