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When it comes to seafood, people's saliva will soon come down. It's a beautiful fish with a variety of shrimps and crabs.
As long as there are seafood on the table, other foods seem to be supporting roles. But it's a pity that the price of seafood is generally high. If you eat seafood heartily, you have to eat earth for a while. Therefore, looking for good and cheap seafood is our constant pursuit.
When I went back to Malaysia, I found that the seafood in Malaysia is not one or two grades cheaper than that in China! Even if we punch in the "big eggplant seafood restaurant" which is comparable to the tourist shop, the price is a little higher, but after a meal, the cost performance ratio is incomparable in any city in China.




Such a big tiger shrimp costs a jin of RM30 and grouper costs a jin of RM50. I once doubted whether I was dazzled. Looking at the seafood pool and the price, it's all good! I think the price of a meal in China is about three times that of this side. Fall in love with Malaysia's reason to add another, that a variety of affordable seafood!









At this time, I only hate that my belly is not big enough. Grouper, tiger shrimp and clam soup are fresh and beautiful.




Local specialty wild vegetables and fried rice noodles are also great. Rice noodles are a bit similar to the domestic rice noodles in Hutou, which are chewy. A stir fried rice noodles and shrimps is also more than 10 Ma, it's really.
Of course, seafood must be accompanied by wine. A bottle of tiger beer with local characteristics. Saba's tea is also very special, but it's a pity that the tea from big eggplant is far worse than that from Fuyuan.


Such a meal, including drinks, costs only RM150, or over 200 yuan, or about 60 per capita. Go to Malaysia and lose without seafood.

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