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【China Trantic】☆"Toxic sea products" should be able to eat

Recently, many people in Taobao's circle of friends asked their friends to bring all kinds of fresh "sea things" from Weihai and Laizhou.
Compared with ordinary meat, seafood,
It's a little more expensive,
Therefore, many people are afraid to waste their seafood and eat it without any dead ends
You know what?
There are also "poison zones" in seafood,
For example, the tail of conch, shrimp line, crab heart
Let's talk about the right way to eat seafood!










Eating skills

You can pick out the meat with toothpicks,
To follow the pattern of conch,
So as not to pick it off.


Where can't I eat

Some people don't eat conch brain,
I'm afraid of seasickness.
Some people don't suffer from gall
The one who ate the fire.


Scallop in Shell




Eating skills

Scallops with small openings,
You can use a knife to pry at the edge of the shell,
Then use a knife to cut along the bottom of the scallop,
You can take out the whole scallop,
Super simple.


Where can't I eat

The meat of fanbeiding is delicious and nutritious.
Scallop skirt can also be eaten in cold sauce or stir fried,
But there is a lot of dirt on the skirt,
Try not to eat raw.
The black part of scallop is the internal organs of scallop. It is recommended to remove them,
Do not eat.






Eating skills

Steamed Haihong and mashed garlic are the best match,
Garlic puree has the effect of sterilization and detoxification,
It can kill some harmful bacteria that may remain in the rainbow,
It can also increase the fragrance of rainbow~


Where can't I eat

The black flocs in the rainbow need to be removed,
For that black floc is a fibrous substance,
It's not easy to digest in the stomach.


Sea intestine




Where can't I eat

What the sea intestines eat is the intestines themselves,
This earth knows~
It should be noted that the internal organs and burrs on both ends cannot be eaten,
It needs to be removed before frying.


Mantis Shrimp



Eating skills

Fat, big and creamy crawfish,
The more you eat, the more addictive you become,
But it has many thorns like a rose,
If you are not careful, you will pay "the price of blood".
15 seconds to peel shrimp,
Let your "way to eat" no longer blocked!!
Step one:
Twist the outer two feet of the tail, and then gently fold the tail up, and then screw it off.
The second step:
Use a chopstick to stick to the shrimp shell from the tail and insert it near the head.
The third step:
Fold the shell with the left hand, press chopsticks with the right hand, and use the opposite force with both hands at the same time.
The fourth step:
The whole back shell is lifted.


Where can't I eat

Except for the legs on the shell, head and belly, you can eat them all!!

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