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Thin shell is a kind of small clam, as the name suggests, it is very thin, but flashing colorful mineral color. Thin shell is the unique name of Chaoshan area in Guangdong Province and the southeast of Fujian Province. It is called "haiguazi" in Southern Fujian Province.
During this period of time, thin shells began to appear on the market. Even high-end Chaozhou restaurants will provide a place for thin shells.

Starting at 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning, people will begin to harvest thin shells. Thin shells usually grow on the rocks on the sea floor or on the "thin shell Cheng" specially made by farmers. In summer, the demand for shells is in short supply. In order to catch up with the harvest, people who pick thin shells usually go to sea every day, regardless of the wind and rain, unless there is a typhoon, until the harvest is completed, and there is no weekend break.
Each thin shell will grow a line from the body, and then wind together to live in groups. Therefore, ordinary people in the market to see thin shells, are a string, long on the hemp rope, full of mud.
In the plump season, there is a little red meat in the shell. Chaoshan people call it "cream", which is similar to the "crab paste" called by people. Eating it will have a strong sense of confusion of crab yolk!

Stir fried thin shell

The most classic way to eat thin shell is not to change the fried thin shell. In the memory of Cai Lan, a Chaozhou gourmet, the thin shell is eaten like this: "my family's way of eating is to buy a thin shell. My mother goes to the grocery store and asks for some pickled vegetable juice. The people in the store scoop out a bag of pickled vegetables and give it away. Then they buy Jin Buchang (nine storey pagoda or basil) and stir fry it with garlic paste and shredded chili pepper. If you use salt, too late to melt, the shell has been ripe to open, bad
Just like Cai Lan said, stir fry thin shell must put gold, do not change fragrant leaf, if lack of this kind of spice, taste super not right! That kind of aroma and thin shell delicious taste let you like knock melon seeds.
When you eat, you should use your lips, teeth and tongue to make meat out of the soup, but don't use too much force. You will regret if you bite the shell. And then the fresh and sweet taste of sea water, from the tip of the tongue to the throat, one after another can not stop. Finally, it was a "magnificent" thin shell mountain, which was very enjoyable.
Thin shell rice
In addition to fresh eating, Chaoshan thin shell can also be boiled to remove the shell, add salt brine to remove water, and become thin shell rice. The thin shelled rice produced by "taking off the stool", "soaking and bleaching", "boiling", "fishing rice" and "packing basket" can be eaten directly, which is very delicious mixed salty.
At breakfast, the thin shell rice dipped in bean paste as a side dish, with white rice porridge, more delicious, increase appetite.

Pickled thin shell

In addition, thin shells can also be pickled raw, salty shells made with salt or fish sauce are also a delicious dish.
Small thin shell, in Shantou can hold thin shell food culture, make "thin shell banquet".
Among them, white cut thin shell rice chicken has won the titles of "famous Chinese Cantonese cuisine" and "Guangdong famous cuisine"; the snack taro thin shell rice roll has been selected as "Guangdong famous snack"; there are also the health preserving dish of spicy wood thin shell and the original "thin shell rice dumpling ball".
Each dish has thin shell products, which not only retains the traditional original flavor, but also integrates the elements of innovative Chaozhou cuisine, Chinese cuisine and Western cuisine.

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