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As a child who grew up in the mountains, he had fantasies about the sea since childhood, especially Weihai, because his friends all work in Weihai. Every time I talk to them on the phone, my good friends say how delicious the seafood is and how beautiful the sea is.
At the end of the college entrance examination at the age of 18, I saw the sea for the first time. In the morning, I saw the fishing boats coming back from the seaside. The people on the shore were ready to start work. The cheers on the shore, the siren in the distance, and the strong smell of sea water were so spectacular. As a inland person, I was really shocked.
Weihai is famous for its delicious seafood. Weihai people are said to have eaten all kinds of seafood in China. If you want me to say, eating all kinds of seafood is nothing. People who can chew on fish bones are really good.
No, when the new product was tried, everyone on the scene stood up and praised it.
Now, baby-t recommends this delicious, crispy, low calorie fish bone.
Did you know for the first time that fish bones can be used as snacks after eating fish for many years?
This kind of fish bone is made by cutting the bones of deep sea catfish, seasoning and baking.
Note: mink ng fish, generally living in tropical and subtropical deep-sea waters, belongs to teleost fish with strong bones, which is suitable for making fish bone grains.
The roasted fish bone is salty and sweet, crispy and full of seafood.
One by one, "click, click, click", very decompressed, completely unable to stop.
Colleagues jokingly said that this is a small snack that can't be put down!
Unlike the usual fried fish bone, this fish bone is only coated with a small amount of oil, and then baked slowly.
The fish bone particles made in this way have no harmful substances released during the frying process, and the heat is far lower than that of fried fish bones.
A whole pot of fish bone, the heat is 248 kcal, only equivalent to about 2.5 apples.

Look at the surface of the fish bone, full of crispy pores, but it won't be as oily as fried.
No wonder you don't feel tired after eating most of the cans at one breath.
The heat of fish bone is not high, but the content of trace elements such as calcium, magnesium and zinc is not low.
It is roasted to crisp fish bones, but it can be completely chewed and eaten, leaving no residue in the mouth.
The colleagues in Xiaobian's office almost have a can of fish bone.
When I was tired of writing the manuscript, I stopped to eat some crispy fish bone granules. There was no hard work. If you can't make it, you can have another one!
During the holidays, you can't miss fish bone grains when you are idle at home and watching movies and TV dramas.
Every mouthful is crispy, and you don't have to worry about getting fat. It's a better snack than popcorn!
In fact, the production process of fish bone granules, which seems to be less impressive, is also quite exquisite.
Many fish bones are made of water COD bones. The bones are small and hard. They taste like corn kernels in popcorn. They are too cold to eat.
The oil used in baking fish bone is not careless.
Different oils can affect the final crispness, taste and fishy smell of fish bone granules.
This fish bone grain has been tested in many different oils before and after.
Palm oil, more suitable for deep frying, used to roast fish bone particles, it is easy to overcook;
Soybean oil, bean smell is too heavy, coupled with the fishbone's own fishy smell, fish bone grains are easy to bake out a strange smell.
Besides delicious, it's also very novel. Have you ever seen fish bones can be made into snacks? As an inland, I haven't seen it.
I wish I could eat this fish bone grain every day. I'm afraid I'll eat it up. I can't sell it to you!
Fish are ugly and can't bear to eat
In Japan, there is a saying among the folk that "the East eats the goblet, and the West eats the puffer fish". The Japanese name the delicious but risky puffer fish with the same name, which shows its delicious.
Instead of eating puffer fish, you'd better eat it honestly.
It is said that PS can't save its ugly face. Such a representative fish often appears in comics, such as the lantern Lord in "pirate king" and "Toy Story" in which the goblet fish appear as villains, which is probably too ugly.
Sure enough, anime fish, or can not cover up its ugly
Although the appearance of super invincible ugly, but the delicious fish, but let the majority of food issued such a sigh: "delicious to the tongue will drop.".

The flesh of goblet is tight and not loose. It is called "cheap version lobster". It is full of fiber elasticity, delicious and more delicious than ordinary fish. Fish bone is rich in collagen. Generally, the fish bone can be used to cook soup with white soup and strong taste.
Fresh fish with bone removed
The deep-sea goblet is selected and sent to the factory for processing at the first time. Warm boiled water is used to wash the goblet and its surface mucus. Skilled workers break the back, peel off the skin, and remove the internal organs. After the fresh fish is steamed, the bone and flesh are separated, and a whole fish bone is taken out.
There is a particular thing about the treatment of minnows. You can't start without 5 or 6 years of experience. Every year in Japan, there are craftsmen who perform the killing of goblet.
After taking out the fish bones, remove the fishy smell with natural spices, cut them in sections according to a certain size, absorb the spices, and bake at low temperature for 4-5 hours.
By monitoring moisture during the whole baking process and producing in a sterile production environment, the shelf life of fish bone particles can be longer without adding preservatives.
The freshly roasted fish bone grains are plump, small and lovely, making people drool.
Refusing to fry and bake slowly is the king
Most people feel very angry when they see that snacks bring "crispy" or "crispy". Especially for young people living in the south, they often get angry when they work overtime and stay up late. When they see too fragrant snacks, they dare not touch them.
Refuse to fry and stick to slow roasting. Fish bone snacks on the market are mostly fried because of the high cost of baking.
Frying is easy to release harmful substances
It takes only a few minutes to fry fish bones, but it is greasy and on fire, and there are more harmful substances released after frying.
It's crisp and delicious, but not greasy. Slow drying can make the fish bone crispy and fragrant, and the moisture drying can be more thorough. Therefore, it does not need to add potassium sorbate, which can also keep the fish bone longer.
A broken fish bone, crispy residue
Mother can see children's calcium supplement
Children's calcium supplement is probably the most headache for every mother. Parents are afraid that their children can't grow tall.
Boil bone soup, boil fish soup, eat calcium tablets, take these things after the children's buttocks, bear children do not even look at.

Made a large table of dishes, bear children do not like to eat
Now, with this grilled fish bone, mothers no longer have to worry about their children's calcium supplement. Small seafood snacks made of minnow bones, children happily eat snacks to supplement the daily calcium.
Unlike the daily life, eating fish is afraid that children will eat fish bones. Now the fish cartilage is chewing and eating, which is full of calcium. Now the roasted fish bone is really the preferred snack for mothers to help children with calcium supplement.
Grab a handful of fish bones and put them in your mouth. It's crispy and sweet. Combined with the crisp fragrance of fish bones, it forms a strong fragrance. The more you chew, the more fragrant it is. There's a rhythm that can't stop.

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