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【China Trantic】☆Top 3 of Hokkaido "King seafood"

As an island, there must be a lot of seafood. The seafood of Hokkaido is worthy of the word "fresh". The seafood of different seasons makes people have ten stomachs.
Although Hokkaido produces a lot of seafood, and each of them is worth reading, there are still "pyramid tips" - sea urchins, king crabs and tuna. In addition, the seafood wells covered with seafood (simply translated into seafood covered rice) vary from house to house.
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Sea urchin

The sea urchin variety of Hokkaido is "North purple sea urchin" (different from the purple sea urchin of Hyogo county). It has a hard black shell with long spines. The sea urchin meat is light yellow, with strong flavor and strong flavor. The meat is rich and smooth.
Although some people highly praise Hokkaido sea urchins, objectively speaking, there is no exact basis to say that Hokkaido sea urchins are the best. However, as a world-famous sea urchin production site, its quality is beyond doubt.
Recommended restaurant: Village Shanghai Dan store

As a shop that provides sea urchins to Tokyo all year round, our shop in Hakodate can't be missed. As you can see from the name, this restaurant offers a variety of sea urchin dishes, especially fresh sea urchin GaiFan. After 10 o'clock, there are sea urchin milk roast, sea urchin pancakes, sea urchin tempura, etc., which are original dishes that can only be tasted locally.
Address: "040-0064, tokuga, Hokkaido, 221
King crab

Although the chain stores such as crab road not only open in Japan, but also have a lot of domestic. But only in Hokkaido can we appreciate the essence of the king crab.
Because the king crab itself is a creature in cold waters, Hokkaido is a natural fishing ground. Japanese high-grade crab food also boasts that its food materials are transported by air from Hokkaido, which shows the status of the king crab in Hokkaido.
Recommended restaurant: Crab House
Crab house not only in Hokkaido, but also in Japan, but this shop in Sapporo Station area is its own shop. All kinds of crab dishes are made from fresh and live crabs from Hokkaido. It is said that the crab meat in the shop can not be imitated in other places.
Address: "060-0003 Hokkaido Sapporo central district north 3 West 2 Dingmu 118

Can you believe that today's "high" tuna used to be considered "inferior fish"?
Bluefin tuna is abundant in Hokkaido and the coast of Aomori County on the other side of Hokkaido. This fish is expensive, but the meat is really extraordinary. In other parts of Japan, it is also said to be a rare high-grade food.
Recommended restaurant: empty (seafood restaurant)
The restaurant is located in the center of Sapporo. Next to the restaurant on the 8th floor, you can see the splendid night view of Sapporo, the central city of Hokkaido.
Although it's not a tuna franchise, Tuna Sashimi is a sign here. Select the best tuna, carefully made, full of taste of Hokkaido.
Picture / Seafood
Address: "064-0804 Hokkaido Sapporo central district south 4 West 3 Dingmu すすののルルすすのビルすすすののル

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